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6 Safety Measures Taken By The Spirit Airlines To Fight Against Coronavirus [COVID 19]

Spirit Airlines Is One Of The Widely Accepted And Popular Low-Cost Carriers In The USA. Spirit Is Also Known For Its Ticketless Travel Facility. To Prevent And Safe The Passengers From The Impact Of COVID 19. Spirit Airlines Is Taking Several Safety Measures On Their Commercial Flights. There Are Specific Guidelines Had Been Provided By The CDC (Center For Disease Control) To Prevent The "Spread Of Coronavirus (COVID 19) On Commercial Airplanes". As Per Which, It Is Mandatory For Every Staff Member Of The Airline And The Passenger To Cover Their Face While Travelling. And Trust Us, Spirit Airlines Is Strictly Following This Preventive Measure. However, Children Of 2 Years And Under Along With Any Adult Or Children Above The Age Of 2 Years. If Not Able To Cover Their Face Due To Any Medical Or Health Issues Will Be Exempt From This. There Are Several Other Preventive Measures Declared By The CDC. Which Spirit Airlines Is Applying On Every Commercial And Passenger Aircraft

How A 16 Years Old Misty Became An Angel For The Family?

It all began When there was an un-certain death that happened in the family of 5 living in the new jersey, United States. The head of the family Mr. Jacob Christian planned a vacation to Hawaii for himself, his wife Mrs. Martha Christian, and his 2 daughters, Betty, And Misty. Oh, Wait!!!. We forgot to mention the backbone of the family. The GrandMother of the 2 little daughters and the Mother of Mr. Jacob Mrs. Samantha Christian. Well, as we mentioned above that Jacob was planning a vacation to Hawaii with the family. The family went on a vacation after booking the flights to Hawaii for 4. Leaving the grandmother Mrs. Samantha behind with a caretaker. The family left the house happily on Feb 26,2020. The littles ones were happy as after so long, There father took them for a vacation. They were really enjoying the Mainland, They were skiing, walking around the beaches, enjoying the seafood, and performing various activities there. The family was on a 15 days vacation. But they nev