6 Safety Measures Taken By The Spirit Airlines To Fight Against Coronavirus [COVID 19]

Spirit Airlines Is One Of The Widely Accepted And Popular Low-Cost Carriers In The USA. Spirit Is Also Known For Its Ticketless Travel Facility. To Prevent And Safe The Passengers From The Impact Of COVID 19. Spirit Airlines Is Taking Several Safety Measures On Their Commercial Flights.

There Are Specific Guidelines Had Been Provided By The CDC (Center For Disease Control) To Prevent The "Spread Of Coronavirus (COVID 19) On Commercial Airplanes". As Per Which, It Is Mandatory For Every Staff Member Of The Airline And The Passenger To Cover Their Face While Travelling. And Trust Us, Spirit Airlines Is Strictly Following This Preventive Measure. However, Children Of 2 Years And Under Along With Any Adult Or Children Above The Age Of 2 Years. If Not Able To Cover Their Face Due To Any Medical Or Health Issues Will Be Exempt From This.

There Are Several Other Preventive Measures Declared By The CDC. Which Spirit Airlines Is Applying On Every Commercial And Passenger Aircraft. Let's Have A Look Over The Same.

1. The Fogging Process

Spirit Airlines Coronavirus OutbreakWell, As Per The CDC (Center For Disease Control), Fogging Can Be Really Helpful In Preventing The Coronavirus (COVID 19) Outbreak On Any Place Including The Aircrafts. That's Why Spirit Airlines Is Using Ultra Low Volume Fogging Process Which Can Covert The Liquid Disinfectant Filled Inside The Fogging Machine Into Small Droplets. The Fogging Is The Process Of Applying A Large Amount Of Air At Low Pressure Mixed With The Disinfectant Inside The Machine. 

Not Only This But Also The Quality And Type Of Disinfectant Prescribed By The CDC Should Be High-Quality EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Registered. This Disinfectant Sticks To The Cabin Seats And Inside The Plane And Been Absorbed By The Airplane Material. Thus Provides Prevention Up-to Some Extent Towards The Widely Spread Coronavirus (COVID 19) Disease.

2. Use Of The HEPA Filters

Spirit Airlines COVID 19The HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) FIlters Are Used For Air Filteration At Most Of The Offices And Commercial Places Along With The Business Centers. In Simple, The HEPA Filters Are One Of The Best Preventive Measures Been Installed At All The Places Of Social Or Commercial Gathering. 

That's Why Spirit Airlines Installed These Filters Inside All Commercial And Passenger Airbus  Fleets. Which Purifies The Contaminated Air And All The Containments Every 3 Minutes.

3. Trained Staff Members

Spirit Airlines COVID 19 Medical TeamWe All Know That Anyone Can Be At Risk Due To COVID 19 Outbreak Through-out The Globe. That's Why Spirit Airlines Promote And Encourage Their Inflight As Well As Airport Ground Staff To Learn About Handling The Passenger If Requires Any Medical Attention. The Staff Members Had Been Trained And Worked Closely With The Industry Experts MedAire. 

Spirit Airlines Is Strictly Monitoring The Health Of All The Passengers With The Help Of These Professionally Trained Inflight And Ground Support Medical Staff. The Team Of Medical Experts At Spirit Airlines Are One Of The Primary Keys To Stop The Wide-Spread At The Airport And Inside The Airplane. Because These Trained Professionals Are The First Point Of Contact As Soon As You Enter The Airport Premises.

Spirit Airlines Mobile App4. The Updated Mobile App

Spirit Airlines Made Some Changes To The Existing Mobile App. Which Made The App Even Better. In Few Click, You Will Be Able To Change Or Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight Tickets. You Can Print Your Boarding Pass. You Can Notify The Airlines About Your Health Without Calling Or Sending An Email Through This App.

The Most Important Advantage Of This App Is. If You Feel Uncomfortable Or Your Doctor Does Not Approve You To Fly. You can Simply Login To The Spirit Airlines Mobile App. Enter Your Ticket Number And Cancel It By Selecting The Medical Condition. As Soon As You Will Cancel Your Flight Due To Any Medical Condition Or Due To The Impact Of COVID 19. You, Will, Get Your Money In The Credit Shell Which Can Use Towards Your Future Travel.

5. Contact Less Check-in

Spirit Airlines Is The Ticketless Carrier. At Which You Can Checkin Online And Download Your Boarding Pass From The Mobile App Right Away. You Need Not Get In Touch With Anyone Else Than The Medical Staff At The Airport. 

Earlier There Were Executives To Tag Your Luggage At The Checkin Counter. But Due To Coronavirus (COVID 19) Pandemic. Spirit Airlines Started Its New Service Called Self Bag-Tag And Self Bag Drop At The Kiosk Available Inside The Airport Premises. Spirit Airlines Also Placed Distance Marks To Follow The Social Distancing. At Spirit Airlines, From Booking Flights To Changing It And From Web Checkin To Tag Your Bags. Everything Is Contact Less Now.

6. Prevention At The Airport And Onboard

Spirit Airlines Information CenterSpirit Airlines Is Using EPA-approved Disinfectant And Electro-Static Devices At All The Entry Points Of The High And Low Traffic Airports. Any Guest Can Simply Go Through The Slight Shower Of Disinfectants And Can Scan Their Boarding Passes Before Going Onboard.

However, There Are Several Disinfectants Recommended, But At The High Traffic Areas. As Per The CDC (Center For Disease Control), Hydroxy-Chloride Is One Of The Best Solutions Available To Take Prevention Against The COVID 19. 
The Same Disinfectant Is Used To Clean The Seats, Seatbelts, Buckle, Tray Tables, And The Armsets Before The Passengers Board The Flight.

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