Change Airlines Tickets

FAQ:- Airline Tickets Changes And Cancellations Due To COVID-19.

Q1. How To Check If My Flights Are Confirmed Or Not?
Ans:- Well, You Always Get A Confirmed Ticket. No Matter, With Which Airlines You Are Traveling. It's Just You Have To Check And Keep Yourself Updated With The Latest News Of the Operation Of Flights On Your Selected Dates.

Q2. What If My Flights Got Cancelled?
Ans. First And Foremost Things You Have To Do Is Stop Panicking. Because, If Airline Is Cancelling Your Flight Or If You Are Canceling It By Your Own. You, Will, Get Your Complete Money Back At This Time Only, Due To Widespread Of COVID-19.

Q3. Where Can I See My Refunded Amount?
Ans:- As Soon As The Flights Got Cancelled, You Can log in To "Manage Booking" Section Of The Airline You Are Traveling And Can Check The Amount Refunded Back Your Account As A Future Credit.
In Case If You Made The Reservations Using Any Travel Agency Or Any Third Party Website. Then After The Airlines Cancel The Flight You Can Check The Refunded Amount Into Your Account With The Travel Agency Only

Q4. Can I Get The Money Back Into My Account Rather Than Getting The Future Credit?
Ans:- If You Made The Reservation Directly Through The Airline, You Can Ask For The Refund Into Your Bank Account Or Credit Card Rather Than Getting The Future Credit.
But If The Reservation Had Been Made Through Any Third Party Website Or Any Other Travel Agency. Then The Airline Will Issue The Future Credit Only And You Will Not Be Liable Of Getting The Refund Into Your Bank Account Anyhow.


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