Southwest Minor Policy, Fee, Terms, And Guidelines For 2021

 Southwest's minor policy is quite simple and straightforward. So that a passenger of any age group can take advantage of it. Yes, it is true that there is no hidden information in the entire policy. So, that you need not call Southwest Airlines customer service for any clarification. Before we go into the details, Let’s have a look at all the important points in Southwest minor policy first.

Southwest Minor Age GroupChildren from 5 years to 11 years are minors
Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Fee$50 each way, $100 roundtrip
Is the minor fee refundable?Yes, As per the Southwest minor policy
Age Group Of Young Travelers12 Years to 17 Years
ID Proof for a minorPassport or Any Govt. issues ID
ID Proof for a Lap ChildBirth certificate
Is It mandatory to show minor ID proofNo, But good for a child, If he/she carries any ID

So now, let’s have a look at all the aspects related to Southwest's minor policy in detail.

Can A Minor Fly At Southwest Airlines?

Yes, Southwest is one of the best low-cost-carrier in the USA. Thus the airline is open to all. But Southwest is really competitive when we talk about minor policy. Well, anyone can notice that the minor fee with Southwest Airlines is only $50 each way. That is only $100 for a round-trip flight. On the other hand, most of the legacy airlines like United, Delta, and American are charging more than $100 each way for a minor.

Not only legacy airlines but some low-cost-carriers like Spirit and Frontier Airlines are charging more than $60 as a minor fee. So in terms of unaccompanied minor fees, Southwest Airlines is the cheapest. However, you may find out that the assistance is not so much personalized. But the service is good as per the fee mentioned in the Southwest minor policy.

Is It Mandatory To Provide An ID Of A Minor?

In simple words, The answer is “NO“, There is no need to provide ID proof of children ages 17 years or younger. But you have to make sure that a minor (5 years – 11 years) is booked for domestic travel only. However, a young traveler (12 years – 17years) is also restricted from traveling to an International destination, As per the Southwest minor policy.

Although Southwest is not asking for an unaccompanied minor’s ID proof. But the guardian or the parents of the minor must provide an ID for the verification of the minor. In fact, a minor must keep his/her ID proof handy throughout the journey with Southwest Airlines.

How To Complete The Documentation Process Of An Unaccompanied Minor?

Well, the documentation process of a minor with Southwest Airlines is quite simple and short. Thus the guardian or the parents of an Unaccompanied minor have to fill in the below details.

  1. Name Of The minor
  2. Address Of The Minor (That can be verified)
  3. Phone Number Including The Area Code
  4. Name, Address, and Contact Of An Alternate Contact

However, for the sake of complete and proper documentation of a minor with Southwest Airlines. You have to provide the complete details of the guardian or the parents. That is going to drop off and receiving the child at the airport. However, as per the southwest minor policy, you may have to display the ID proof upon request at the airport.

Southwest Minor Policy For The Receiving Party?

The person that is dropping-off the minor at the Southwest Airlines departure gate must convey the following details. That can help the receiving party to gain access to the Southwest’s arrival gate. So that he/she can meet and greet the child after going through the security checkpoint.

  1. Receiving party must be aware of the minor’s arrival gate and time with Southwest Airlines.
  2. As per the Southwest minor policy, the receiving party must reach the airport at least 1 hour before the landing of the minor’s flight. So that he/she can get the “escort pass” to get access to the child.
  3. However, a valid photo ID and the Itinerary of the minor must be present with the receiving party. So that they can easily pass the verification and security checkpoint to get the escort pass.

How To Pay For The Unaccompanied minor Fee With Southwest Airlines?

Well, paying minor charges is easy and is available in 2 simple ways.

  1. By calling southwest airlines customer service toll-free at +1-800-435-97-92.
  2. At the time of making the reservations for a minor at

Can An Unaccompanied Minor Fly On Rapid Rewards Award?

Yes, a minor can fly on a Rapid Rewards Award flight. But you have to pay for the $50 minor charges and inform Southwest Airlines about your minor. Thus, after making the reservations you can call Southwest Airlines and inform them that your child is traveling as an unaccompanied minor.

Can A Child Travel Alone On A 1 Stop Flight?

Well, An unaccompanied minor can definitely travel on a 1 Stop flight. But you have to make sure that the plane change must not be there. Although a minor can travel in the domestic sector only. But Southwest Airlines prefers that the guardian or the parents must book a direct non-stop flight for the minor.

But if the direct non-stop flight is not available. Then a 1 stop flight with no plane change will work as per the Southwest minor policy. Thus, an unaccompanied minor can not travel on a connecting flight.

Southwest Minor Guidelines After Airport Arrival

So, these are the guidelines most of which, If you have already completed online while making a Southwest Airlines Reservations. Then you need not repeat the process offline. Please Read Below For The Complete Guidelines:

  1. Please check the luggage at the airport.
  2. Then please provide the unaccompanied minor documents.
  3. Pay $50 each way minor service charges. If you did not pay it online.
  4. Get the boarding pass for the minor from the airport.
  5. Collect your “escort pass” to go through the security checkpoint and the gate with the child.

Now, as soon as you reach the gate. Then handover the unaccompanied minor form to a Southwest Airline’s Representative and let them know that your child is flying alone. Download The Minor Form From Below.

However, you have to make sure that all the details on the minor form must be accurate and must match the information. That is there on the flight tickets booked for the minor. Not only this but also make sure that all the columns on the form must be complete. So, that the Southwest Airlines representative can accept the child to travel.

Note:- Kindly put one copy of the UMNR form in the lanyard provided by Southwest Airlines. So that the Minor can always have the form handy by wearing the lanyard around his/her neck. That can help Southwest representatives to identify and safely handover the child to the right person after reaching the destination.

Do Southwest Airlines Allow 2 Minors To Fly Together?

Yes, 2 Unaccompanied minors are allowed to travel at Southwest Airlines. However, you have to pay a $50 each way per passenger minor charge. That means If both the minors are on a one-way trip. Then you have to pay $100 as the minor charges. On the other hand, for a round trip journey of both the minors. The Unaccompanied minor fee will be $200 as per the Southwest Minor Policy. However, make sure that the minor charges are over and above the ticket prices that are there on Southwest Airlines’ Official website.

Luggage Guidelines For A Minor At Southwest Airlines

The standard guidelines for the luggage remain the same for all the passengers with Southwest Airlines. Thus, 2 bags fly for free offer is also valid for the minors as well. But please make sure that the claim ticket and the baggage tag must match the final destination as per the tickets booked for the child. However, please double-check that the claim ticket can easily be accessible and found by the receiving party. So that the child and the receiving party will get hurdle less access to the baggage at the airport.

Flight Boarding Guidelines For A Minor As Per Southwest Airlines Policy

  1. The minor along with the Guardian or the Parents must reach the airport at least 1 hour before the scheduled departure time.
  2. Pre-boarding is necessary for an Unaccompanied minor.
  3. If the minor is late for the pre-boarding. Then he/she will have to board the flight, once all the passengers are done with the boarding process.
  4. The purpose of pre-boarding and boarding after all the passengers is to introduce your child to the flight attendant at Southwest Airlines.

Although, except for the verification process, You can complete almost all the tasks by visiting Southwest Airlines Official Website.

Southwest Policy For Receiving A Minor At The Airport

  1. The receiving party should reach the airport at least 45 before the flight lands.
  2. A parent or a guardian who is going to pick up the child must provide the child’s ID proof and Itinerary for security purposes.
  3. Once the Southwest Airlines representative is satisfied with the verification. Escort pass will be given to the receiving party.
  4. The minor will be given to the guardian/parents as per the name on the UMNR form.
  5. However, the receiving party must provide valid photo ID proof at the time of picking up the child.

Southwest Minor Guidelines And Policy On Traveling To Hawaii

Well, there is a specific procedure one must follow, If traveling to the U.S. mainland, and Hawaii with Southwest Airlines. Thus you have to fill a declaration form for the transportation of Plants, Animals, checked and carry-on baggage. However, along with the declaration form, You must fulfill the documentation requirements of the State Of Hawaii.

Thus the above-mentioned documents cause the only difference when a minor or a young traveler is traveling to Hawaii with Southwest Airlines. So, after filling all the declarations, the forms will be placed in the pocket in front of the minor. But along with the UMNR form that must be placed in the lanyard.

Note:- Departure Guidelines, Arrival Guidelines, Boarding Guidelines, UMNR Form Guidelines, and Verification Policy for the Minor, Parents, or the Guardian will remain the same. No matter if the minor is traveling to Hawaii or in the domestic sector only.

Summary Of Southwest Minor Policy, Guidelines, Terms And Conditions

  1. Children from 5 years to 11 years flying alone must travel as an Unaccompanied minor.
  2. Southwest Airlines flight attendants will not be able to provide special attention to a minor.
  3. Children with a sufficient maturity level are allowed to travel.
  4. The unaccompanied fee is refundable.
  5. A minor can not fly in the case of Southwest Flight Cancellation and you are not ready to book the flights again.
  6. A minor will be considered as Unaccompanied, Traveling with a passenger of 12 years or older.
  7. The Children from the age 12 years to 17 years are young travelers and can not fly as an unaccompanied minor.
  8. A minor can fly in the domestic sector only. That also on a direct flight or a flight with no plane change.
  9. The information on the UMNR form must match the ticket details of the minor.
  10. Photo ID verification of the parent or guardian that is dropping off or picking up the child is mandatory.
  11. $50 each way is the Unaccompanied minor charges.
  12. A minor can fly to Hawaii and the U.S. mainland as well.
  13. Southwest Airlines may not transport the minor, In the case of flight cancellation due to bad weather.


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