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Spirit Airlines Customer Support is available at +1-855-728-3555. But if you don’t want to wait and call Spirit Airlines. Then you can simply visit the Spirits Airlines FAQ Section Below. That will help you clarify most of your doubts. That you have regarding the policies and rules of Spirits Airlines.

Q1. What are the spirit airline baggage charges?
Ans:- One carry-on item is already included in your flight ticket, However, if you are carrying another personal item with you. You have to pre-pay for that. 
  • If you are aware of your baggage and knows that you have to carry an additional bag or suitcase or any travel bag. You should have to pay for your extra baggage at the time of booking your flight ticket to save some extra bucks.
  • You can outerwear ( coats, scarfs, jackets, and other wearable items), Infant diapers, umbrella, camera, some books or magazines or any reading material, some food without any charges.
  • In simple words, you can bring some nonhazardous things as soon as they fit into your personal carry-on or extra baggage.
  • In some special cases, there will be no charges.
Q2.  How can you print or retrieve your baggage receipt?
Ans:- You can print your baggage receipt from the "My Trip" section on the spirit airline's official website "www.spirit.com". But you will be able to access this section only if you have registered your account onto the official website and if you did not register yet. You can simply do so by using your Email and last name as per the ticket booked.

Q3. What are the charges that you have to pay for check-in a musical instrument?
Ans:- Spirit airlines consider all musical instruments as fragile and spirit will accept them as checked baggage if you will pack it in such a box or case in which the airline can store or carry it easily without causing any damage to the item.

Q4. What should I do if my checked baggage arrived with lost or missing items?
Ans:- Well we understand that spirit airline is a low-cost carrier but that does not mean that they do not care about the lost or missing items in checked baggage and consider them as a commonly caused event. Spirit airlines suggest to their passengers that in case of domestic or international flights you should have to track the spirit airline representative at the baggage section and make a claim or report then and there if you are at the airport.
  • However, if you find any missing items in your checked baggage after leaving the airport you can file the claim or report the event at the spirit airlines counter within 24 hours of the flight arrival. The time frame is 21 days in case if you traveled on an international flight.
  • In case if you want to file the report or complaint online. You can simply read all the instructions and can file at www.spirit.com/bagclaim.
If the online form is not submittable then please fill all the fields of the form and send it through your email by mentioning the certain headers.
Attention: Luggage Resolution Department
2800 Executive Way
Miramar, FL 33025
Commonly Asked Question For Spirit Airlines

Q5How can I change/modify Spirit Airline's flight ticket(s) for free?
Ans:- Spirit Airlines provide modification charge protection plans for all of its passengers. The plan is known as "Flight Flex". As per the Flight Flex Plan, You can request a modification or change onto your flight ticket 24 prior to your actual departure or arrival date. 
But here are some things that you have to keep in mind. so that you can avail the maximum benefit of this plan.
1. You can add "Flight Flex" at the time of booking your flight tickets or Through the "Extras" Tab from your registered account with Spirit Airlines.
2. You have to add the "Flight Flex" plan for all the passengers onto your PNR to get a free modification for everyone on the same PNR.
3. You have to make any modification request 24 hours in advance of flight departure or arrival.
4. Modification can be requested only once per passenger.
5. Except for any changes or corrections in the spelling of your name. You can request and change almost anything onto your flight ticket.
6. The only modification is free of charge. But if you are requesting to change the date or time of your flight. Then you have to pay the fare difference for your flight ticket.

Q6. How to name change on the Spirit Airlines flight ticket?
Ans:- In the case of a misspelling, If there is a minor change of spelling. It can be done for free. But you have to request the change at least 7 days prior to your actual flights scheduled.
If you are looking to change the complete name on your Spirit Flight Ticket. You must have to request it online or by calling our Toll-Free: +1-844-259-6001.

Q7. Is Spirit Airline providing any Military Discounts?
Ans:- For active U.S military officers. Spirit airline is providing 2 free checked baggage with 1 free carry-on with 1 free personal item already included in your flight ticket. However, Spirit Airline wants to provide many facilities to retired or non-active military officers but as a limitation to the spirit's expansion. All the things that we want to offer will be available soon in the near future.

To Avail the free baggage for him/herself. Any active military members should enter the I.D at the time of check out at the spirit.com website or should provide the same over the call for extra discounts. Spirit Airline expanded its policies to fit for all the family members to the active U.S member.

Q8Is it mandatory to select a seat as well at the time of flight booking and what are the charges for it?
Ans:- Well, As per the airline's policies it is not mandatory to book a seat until or unless you do not have any issues with the seating arrangement or you are not traveling with your family or Yours is not group travel. If you have a group reservation and want to sit beside or nearby.  Then we suggest that it will only cost $5 per passenger to pick up the desired seats. If you did not choose your seats at the time of booking. You can simply select the seats by visiting the "My Trips" sections at "Spirit.com".

Q9. Can I carry my infant for free during the spirit airline flights?
Ans:- Well, a quick answer is "Yes". But there are some terms and conditions included here to carry your infant onto your lap during the flight without paying anything. So, let's have a look at all the terms related to infants. 

*You should check with the travel agent or the company from where you are planning to book or already booked your Spirit airline tickets.

*A child from 7 days old to 23 months old is considered a lap child. So, while booking spirit airline tickets. You can inform your travel agent about your infant and carry your infant on the lap for free without paying for the seat. But if you want to get a seat. You can pay and reserve a seat for your Infant. 

*As per the federal regulations. As soon as the child will be of 24 months. Then he/she will not be allowed to sit on the lap and you must have to buy a seat for the child as well.

*In the case if you are traveling with a child of 23 months on a round trip flight and before returning if the child's birthday is falling and turning him/her to 24 Months. That is exactly 2 years, Then you must have to buy a seat for your child. 

* As long as someone of at least 15 years of age is traveling with a child of 7 days to 23 months. They can carry the infant onto their lap and need not buy a separate seat for the infant.

*Please carry the child's/infant's age proof. Like passport or birth certificate to the airport and show the proofs to spirit airline officials if they request you to.

There are some restrictions while traveling with the infant/child. Please read the guideline below.
1. Only one lap child is allowed per 15 years of age.
2. Any infant from 7 days or less having some special conditions or required any life support system or incubator can not travel and will be denied while on-boarding.
3. Only taxes and fees will be applicable in the case of infant tickets. Taxes and fees can vary as per the destinations.
4. You can add a child while booking online directly at www.spirit.com or request your travel agent to add the child.


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