Why You Should Not Use JETCOST?


Jetcost is a European meta-search engine that acts as an aggregator between a passenger and a travel company. Although Jetcost.com clearly states that it does not sell flight tickets in any which way. But it will redirect the user to the website offering the fare.

That's why a customer has to call the airline or third-party website directly If he/she wants to modify or cancel the entire flight ticket.

* Jetcost can not be held responsible for any losses to the passenger.
* Jetcost.com can not help you with the refunds.
* Jetcost.com can not help you with changes or cancellations of flight tickets.


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Well, As per the company's registration perspective, Yes Jetcost Is Legit. But If you want to know from a passenger's perspective. We will give you all the details that can help you decide whether you should use Jetcost or avoid it. Thus, you have to decide yourself, If you find the company legit and a good fit for you.

However, we believe that Legit and Not legit can not defined or explained with just a few details. Because there must be solid proofs to declare any business a "Scam", "Not Legit" or "Fake". So is the case for being called a company "Legit". 

In Short, It is the company itself that build its reputation and gain the trust of the consumer. So that they consider a company as a Genuine service provider.

Now, The next question that come toour mind is, IS JETCOST SAFE FOR BOOKING A FLIGHT?
The answer to this question is, "ABSOLUTELY NOT", Jetcost is not at all a safe platform to book a flight. Well, For sure, It functions like Skyscanner, Kayak, Momondo etc but the quality of the websites that Jetcost approves on its platform does not depends upon how reputed a travel companyor a website is.
But it completely depends upon whether an online travel company/website can pay their asked priceto get onto their meta search core listings.

Let's dig a bit deep to know, Why exactly we do not recommend "JETCOST"?
  1. Almost 95% websites on Jetcost are not licensed to sell travel in the USA.
  2. Most of the websites belongs to a company registered in the USA but not compliance with the law to sell travel.
  3. From the year 2020 to the current year 2023, 90% of the passengers, Who used JETCOST for their flight booking needs are the victims of Credit/debit card fraud.
  4. JETCOST onboard travel companies or websites, If they can pay their integration fee that is from $8,000 to $15,000.
  5. JETCOST never check the background,or check any kind of travel licenses of the companies they Onboard at their platform.
  6. Most of the travel websites, Display expired fares or the fare that is not actually available online.
  7. All the travel websites that you use to book your flights, Will save your Financial details in their database.
  8. 95% of the travel websites on JETCOST use your cards for fake charging, Issues Apple Pay Cards, or Some other kind of Frauds.
You may see big and established travel brands are also there on JETCOST. Brands Like Cheapoair, JustFly, FareoBuddy are also there on the Jetcost Metasearch Core Listings. But these brands hardly comes up whenever you search your flights. 

You may ask why?, Why genuine brands and companies are not coming at the top while performing a flight, or hotel search?

Although the main reason behind this is the marketing. But we will try to explain it in simple words, So that most of the people can understand it.

JETCOST basically displays the listings of all the travel companies with fares in Ascending order. That means, for every search the lowest fare or price website comes up at first place.

So by this method, fake or scam travel companies reduce their online quotes by approx 50% for most of the searches at JETCOST. So that their website can be on top of JETCOST search results everytime a passenger performs a search. Be it for hotels, flights, cars or anything. 

Some Better Alternatives:

  1. Skyscanner.com
  2. Wego.com
  3. Kayak.com
  4. Expedia.com
  5. Priceline.com
  6. Travelocity.com
  7. Priceline.com
  8. Momondo.com


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