Spirit Airlines: Baggage Policies And Fees [2020 Update]

Spirit Airline is one of the best airlines providing the passenger-friendly and customized travel experience to the passengers. All airbus-fit-fleet® is among the youngest and fuel-efficient airbus carriers in the United States Of America (USA).

Use The Most Of The Free Personal Baggage Allowed.
A carry-on personal item which is free and included in your airline's fares must fit the exact size box available at the airport having the dimensions of 18" X 14" X 8". That means your laptop bag or your handbag should be equal or smaller than the above-given dimensions.

You Need To Pay Extra If The Baggage Extends The Below Mentioned Weights.
41 - 50 lbs. (18 - 23 Kg)          + $35 Per Bag
51 - 70 lbs. (23 - 32 Kg)          + $60 Per Bag
71 - 100 lbs (32 - 45 Kg)         + $100 Per Bag
63 - 80 linear inches (158 - 203 cm)      + $100 Per Bag
Special Items over 80 linear inches (203 cm)       + $150 Per Bag

To Get 50% Off On All The Prices From Tickets To Baggages.
Join the $9 Fare Club Or
Call Spirit Airlines Toll-Free Number

* You will get 50% off on all the checked baggage. The price will be reduced to 50% as per the actual pricing whichever is there at the airport.

* The price of the airline tickets will be reduced to half if you book directly through Spirit.com or one of our preferred partners.

* The best benefit of joining $9 Club Fare is that you can cover up to 9 members including you and 8 additional members provided that all the passengers should be on the same PNR.

Get Coupons And Discount Codes Into Your Inbox.
You can simply visit the spirit airlines' official website spirit.com and subscribe to their offer section through the email or offer subscription form. By doing this you will get the pre-launched offers and big discounts directly into your email box before the airline makes it available onto their official website for the other passengers. So next time if you are planning to travel alone or with your family. Just have a look at your mailbox first. Maybe a 70% off coupon is waiting for you under your eyes.

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