How To Get $50 Off On Spirit Airlines Flight Tickets And Baggage?

Spirit Airline is one of the best airlines providing the passenger-friendly and customized travel experience to the passengers. All airbus-fit-fleet® is among the youngest and fuel-efficient airbus carriers in the United States Of America (USA).

Use The Most Of The Free Personal Baggage Allowed.

A carry-on personal item which is free and included in your airline's fares must fit the exact size box available at the airport having the dimensions of 18" X 14" X 8". That means your laptop bag or your handbag should be equal or smaller than the above-given dimensions.

You Need To Pay Extra If The Baggage Extends The Below Mentioned Weights.
41 - 50 lbs. (18 - 23 Kg)          + $35 Per Bag
51 - 70 lbs. (23 - 32 Kg)          + $60 Per Bag
71 - 100 lbs (32 - 45 Kg)         + $100 Per Bag
63 - 80 linear inches (158 - 203 cm)      + $100 Per Bag
Special Items over 80 linear inches (203 cm)       + $150 Per Bag

To Get 50% Off On All The Prices From Tickets To Baggages.
Join the $9 Fare Club Or
Call Spirit Airlines Toll-Free Number

* You will get 50% off on all the checked baggage. The price will be reduced to 50% as per the actual pricing whichever is there at the airport.

* The price of the airline tickets will be reduced to half if you book directly through or one of our preferred partners.

* The best benefit of joining $9 Club Fare is that you can cover up to 9 members including you and 8 additional members provided that all the passengers should be on the same PNR.


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