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Delta Same Day Flight Change is considered when you are trying to change a flight within 24 hours of your scheduled flights. Not all the ticket types including tickets for international travel are eligible for Delta Same Day Flight Change. All the ticket changes are subject to the availability of seats, tickets, and class on the chosen flight.

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The Delta Same Day Flight Change can lead to 2 status types of your flight ticket.
1. Same-Day Confirmed
2. Same-Day StandBy
There are certain fees, policies, eligibilities, and conditions that are associated with a flight ticket change to set it under Same-Day Confirmed Or Same-Day StandBy.
So let's have a look at how the passengers can take advantage of Delta Same Day Flight Change Policy.
Delta Air Lines Flight Change Fee varies from $200 - $500 depending upon the ticket type and sectors like domestic or international for which the tickets had been booked. But under the same-day flight change policy, you can avail of this benefit at just $75.

Delta Same Day Flight Change Toll-Free

Delta Same-Day Confirmed And Same-Day StandBy.

Same-Day Confirmed:- A same day flight ticket change will be considered confirmed only when the same flight class and the seats are available on the chosen flight.
Same-Day StandBy:- As the term suggests, If any confirmed seat or upgrade to any class is not available on the chosen flight. Then the status of the flight change will be at StandBy. That means you have to wait for the availability of a seat in the flight till it departs.

Note:- If there will be no availability in the earlier flight, upgraded class, or chosen seat. Then after the StandBy flight departs. You have to take your actual scheduled flight.

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Terms For Same-Day Confirmed.

  • All the changes must be within 24 hours of the actual flight departure or schedule. However, all the changes are subject to the availability of the flight operating on the same route and timing.
  • Same-Day Confirmed option is available only to travel with-in the United States Of America, Canada, Puerto Rico, and The U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Delta Same-Day Confirmed changes are applicable to all Delta Air Lines Flights and Delta Connection Flights.
  • No change fee is applicable on refundable tickets.
  • Main Cabin tickets can be StandBy to a seat in Main Cabin only and not in First-Class or any other premium cabin. 
  • If you purchased a premium cabin fare like Delta One, Delta Premium Select, or First Class. The changes can be confirmed in the same category or lower cabin 
  • If you are a Delta Comfort traveler, Then you are eligible for a Delta Same-Day Confirmed Change if the seat in Delta Comfort is available. In the case, If there is no seat available in Delta Comfort, you can select a seat in Main Cabin also.
  • Under Delta Same Day Flight Change policy, You can not change Origin and destination. Even the change from Same-City or Co-terminals is also not available.
  • Under Same-Day Confirmed changes policy, You can not switch your flight route from 1 stop to a Non-stop or vice versa.
  • Basic Economy Fares, Which is also known as E class fare are not eligible for Same-Day Change.

Terms For Same-Day StandBy.

  • If the change ticket is not confirmed due to any reason. Then it will be stated as the standBy Flight Ticket.
  • You should always choose an earlier flight than your scheduled flight. So that if the requested flight has no class or the ticket is at standby. You can always take your scheduled flight.
  • Tickets for international travel are not permitted for Same-Day flight Change.
  • Diamond, Platinum, And Gold Medallion Members Should Opt For Any Standby Flight At The Same Time As Their Original Flight.


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