Southwest Flight Change, Cancellation And Refund Policy - Explained

Southwest Flight Change And Refund policy are very simple and straight forward. The airline simply says:
  • No Cancellation Charges
  • No Change Fees.

How To Cancel A Flight On Southwest Airlines

How To Process Southwest Flight Change, And Cancellation Online?

The website is self-explanatory and very user friendly. So, to change or cancel southwest flights. Visit Southwest.Com Official Website And Follow The Steps Below Or Call Toll-Free: (844) 259-6001

1. Enter Your Confirmation Number And Name.
You have to enter the details as per the image shown below. Then you have to select "Change Flight" Or "Cancel Flight" And click on "Search"

2. Find Your Upcoming Trips
As soon as you enter the website. You will see your upcoming trips. Where you can change your name on Southwest Flight Tickets. You can simply Cancel, Change the Date, Request The Refund, Or Can Apply For Travel Voucher. Not Only This, but You Can also Add Your Rapid Rewards Number, Upgrade Or Downgrade Your Southwest Flight Tickets.

3. To Change Date On Southwest Flight.
Simply Select Your Upcoming Or Partially Completed Journey.
And Click On Change Flights. Search New Flights And Select The New Flights As Per Your Time And Date Preferences And Click On Proceed.
You, Will, See Your New Flight Confirmation Under The Same PNR / Booking Number.

4. To Cancel Southwest Flight
Simply Select Your Upcoming Or Partially Completed Journey.
Click On Cancel And Select Future Credit Or Refund.
* You Can Refund Only If The Tickets Were Eligible For The Same.

At The Southwest Flight Change Screen. There Will Be 2 Statuses Of The Tickets Which May Appear. Either It Says "Refundable" Or "Reusable". And These Statuses Appear Because Not All The Tickets Are Eligible For Refund. So Some Tickets Had Been Marked As Reusable. Which Can Retain The Complete Value Of Your Flight Ticket In The Form Of Voucher Or Future Credit.

Difference Between Refundable And Reusable Tickets.
  • Reusable Fare Type:- Wanna Get Away ®, Anytime Fare, And Business Select®. This Fare Type Tickets Can Be Used For Future Travel In The Form Of Travel Voucher or Credit. The Validity Of This Future Credit Is Up to 1 Year From The Date Of Cancellation. The Future Credit Can Only Be Issued If The Cancellation Is Eligible Under The "No Show" Policy Of Southwest Airlines.
  • Refundable Fare Type:- Anytime Fare And Business Select® Fare Type Are Eligible For Refund. You Can Request The Same To Your Actual Form Of Payment.
  • For Non-Refundable Tickets:- Fares Like Wanna Get Away ® And Other Non-Refundable Flight Tickets Can Also Be Eligible For Refunds. If You Cancel The Flight Ticket Within 24 Hours Of The Actual Flight Booking. And Your Flight Cancellation Is Eligible For Refund Under The Southwest Airlines "No Show" Policy. Or You Can Simply Call Southwest Airlines Toll-Free Number At 1-855-234-4654
  • Refund Reward Ticket:- If The Tickets Had Been Booked By Using Reward Points. Then At The Time Of Cancellation As Per The "No Show". If You Cancelled Complete Or Any Part Of Your Journey 10 Minutes Prior To Your Actual Flights. Then All The Reward Points Will Get Back To Your Membership Card For The Future Use.
Note:- Any unused Business Select, Anytime, And Senior Funds Will Get Convert To Reusable Fare Type. So That You Can Use It In Near Future. (Only If The Cancellation Is Valid Under "No Show" Policy)

What Is Southwest Airlines Flight "No Show" Policy?
The Policy Says That Any Ticket Type Other Than Non-refundable And Wanna Get Away Fare. If Cancelled 10 Minutes Prior To Your Original Scheduled Flights. The Refunds Will Be In The Form Of Future Credit Or Travel Voucher. The Future Credit Can Only Be Used By The Passenger At Whose Name The Flights Had Been Booked Originally.
These Travel Certificates Or Future Credits Are Non-Transferable To Any Other Passenger.

Latest COVID-19 Update:- Southern Western Airline, Southwest Airlines Flight Extending The Future Credit Expiration Time
  • Customers with travel funds that would have expired or will expire between
    March 1- June 30, 2020, will expire on June 30, 2021.
  • Any travel funds created because a Customer cancels a flight between March 1– June 30, 2020, will expire on June 30, 2021.

Important Summary - Southwest Airline
  • If You Cancel A Flight Ticket Booked With Point. Then You Will Get The Remaining Points Back As Per The Journey Completed. You, Will, Get The Points From Which The Tickets Had Been Booked. Additional Or Applicable Taxes And Fees Will Be There.
  • Early Bird Check-In:- If You Cancel The Flight Ticket In Early Bird Check-In. Then No Refund Will Get Processed. In The Case, If The Cancellation Had Been Done By The Southwest Airlines Itself. Only Then, You Will Get The Complete Refund Back Into Your Account.
  • Wanna Get Away Fare Is Only Reusable Not Refundable. And Can Be Used By The Actual Passenger Only.
  • Under Normal Travel Condition. The Fare Difference At The Time Of Change May Be Applicable.
  • Adding New Passenger Or Changing The Number Of Passengers In The Existing Reservation Can Only Be Done By Calling The Southwest Airlines Toll-Free At 1-800-435-9792


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