Allegiant Cancellation Policy 24 Hours For Getting A Full Refund In 2021

Allegiant Cancellation Policy is one of the most important policies that are there on the airlines’ website. However, after the reservations, a passenger’s worst nightmare can be the Flight Cancellation. Because of the risk of losing the whole booking amount. The passenger always pays some extra care while Canceling Allegiant Flight. Or else he/she may have to lose the complete ticket amount.

Allegiant Cancellation Policy

That’s why to ease the process of Flight Cancellation and get your complete amount back. You must have good knowledge and awareness of the Allegiant Cancellation Policy. However, In this case, If you face any issues with the Cancellation or Refund. You can call Allegiant Airlines Phone Number @ 1 (702) 505-8888.

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How Much Is The Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Fee?

$75 Per Passenger Per Segment

Irrespective of the fact that if the flight tickets is been booked by cash or by using miles.

Standard Flight Tickets

Tickets booked by using Cash or credit card are count as Standard Flight Tickets. But if you are looking to cancel your flights after 24 hours of booking them. Then as per the Allegiant Cancellation Policy, You have to pay a fee of $75 per passenger per segment. The remaining amount after deducting the $75 cancellation fee will be credited as a Non-refundable future credit. That one can use towards the travel in near future with Allegiant Airlines.

Allegiant Award Flight Tickets Cancellation

Flight Tickets booked by using award points or miles are called Award Flight Tickets. However, the cancellation fee will remain the same as of Standard Flight Tickets. That is $75 per passenger per segment. But the most disappointing part of Allegiant Award Flight Cancellation is that you will not be getting any reward miles back into your card. But the airlines will issue an equal value of Future Travel Credit Voucher.

What Is Trip Flex Add On At Allegiant Airlines?

Trip flex is basically a flight change protection add-on. That can protect you from paying the change fee at Allegiant Airlines. However, please note that Trip Flex can give you protection against flight changes only. But can not protect you against the Allegiant Flight Cancellation.

So, If you have a Trip Flex Add-on on your flight tickets. You can make changes or cancel your flight tickets only once. That also without paying any changes or cancellations fee of $75 per passenger per segment. Although the best part is that you can utilize this service even after Allegiant Airlines’ 24 Hours Risk-Free Cancellation Period. However, You must take care of the below points while dealing with the Trip Flex Add-on

  1. You can add Trip Flex only at the time of making new reservations with Allegiant Airlines.
  2. However, A passenger can make free changes and cancellations even after the 24 Hours Risk-Free Cancellation period. But your flights will remain non-refundable as per Allegiant Cancellation Policy.
  3. You are allowed to change the Date, Time Origin, And Departure Of the Flight. However, there is no fee for the same. But you have to change the fare difference while changing date, time, origin, or destination.
  4. A passenger can not add Trip Flex Add-on to its existing reservations.
  5. You must add trip flex for all the passengers on the same PNR.
  6. You can request flight changes from 3 days prior to at the last 1 hour prior to your flights.
  7. The price of Trip Flex Varies from $8 to $25 depending upon the route of the flight.

Allegiant Cancellation Policy FAQs

How To Cancel Allegiant Flight Tickets Online?
  1. Visit: and Head on to “Manage Travel“.
  2. Now you can retrieve your booking: (a). By Confirmation Number. (b). By Email. (c). By Credit / Debit Card.
  3. After submitting the details, Simply click on “Find My Trip“.
  4. Select the segment or the complete trip you are looking to “change” or “Cancel“.
  5. After selecting, Follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. Pay the fare difference, If any, and You are done.
  7. Note down your new confirmation code or service acknowledgment number.
  8. Verify that you must get the same info on your mobile and registered Email ID.

However, If you select to cancel your flight tickets. At the final screen of cancellation, It will display the value of the voucher that the airline is going to give you. But only after adjusting the cancellation Fee as per The Allegiant Cancellation Policy.

What If Allegiant Canceled My Flights?

In this case, If Allegiant Airlines canceled your flights. You will be entitled to a full refund to your actual payment source. However, the airlines will try to put you on the very next available flight in the case of cancelation. Due to technical issues, or any other issue occurred because of airlines operations. In simple words, Allegiant will be more than happy to offer you the max benefit in case if the cancellation happens because of the airline itself.

Can I Get A Refund If I Cancel My Flights With Allegiant Airlines?

Well, As per the Allegiant Cancellations Policy. If you cancel your flights within 24 hours of booking them. You may get a complete refund to the actual source of payment. But you have to Call Allegiant Airlines Customer Service @ 1 (702) 505-8888 for the same. However, cancellations after 24 Hours of booking a flight will lead Allegiant Airlines to issue the Future Credit. That will good till the next 1 year from the date of Issuance.


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