Delta Airlines: Changes And Cancellation Policies [2020 Update]

Delta Airlines is having very flexible changes and cancellation policies to provide mental peace to its passengers. Delta Airlines customer care is available 24/7 365 days to help you in this regard.
Before making a request for changes or flight cancellations. You have to check your flight tickets carefully to see if it is a Refundable or Non-Refundable ticket that you have booked.

Whether you will pay for any modification of your flight ticket or not, will depend on the type of ticket you bought.
There are certain time windows and prices for domestic and international flight tickets.
You have to keep in mind that there are different fees and charges for changing flight tickets and changing the entire flight. To get the complete details about all the terms regarding changes and cancellations.
* Please keep Reading This  Article Till The End.
* Please keep a note that Basic Economy fare can not be Refunded or eligible for changes.

Let's Have A Look At, That How The Basic Economy Fare, Non-Refundable Ticket And Refundable Or Flex Ticket Can Affect Your Flight Changing Request Under Certain Durations Allotted By Delta Air Lines And How Much Charges You May Have To Pay For Changing Your Flight.?

1. In the case of Basic Economy Fare, Non-Refundable Ticket And Refundable Or Flex Ticket. If You Request Flight Change Within 24 Hours Of The Flight Booking. You Need Not To Pay Any Fees Or Charges. But You Have To Pay The Fare Difference Only.

2. * No Flight Changes Permitted In The Case Of Basic Economy Fare After 24 Hours Of The Flight Booking.

    * You May Have To Pay $200-$500 + Fare Difference If You Request Any Changes To Your Existing Flight After The 24 Hour Risk-Free Cancellation Window.

* You Need Not To Pay Any Change Fees If You Hold A Refundable Ticket. You Only Have To Pay The Fare Difference After The 24 Hour Risk-Free Cancellation Window.

3. Within 24 Hour Of Flight Departure, No Flight Change Is Permitted For A Basic Economy Fare Holder. But Refundable And Non-Refundable Ticket Holders Can Ask For A Flight Change With A Change Fee Starting From $75.

  • In The Case Of Domestic Flight Ticket Change, A Change Fee Of $200 Will Be There. After Paying The Change Fees, The Remaining Value Of Your Ticket Will Get Adjust Towards The New Ticket.
  • In The Case Of International Flight Ticket Change, Change Fee Starts From $200. The Exact Fee And Actual Value After The Changes Depend Upon The Length And Fare Type Of The Flight Ticket.
  • In The Case If You Book The Award Flight That Is If You Made The Reservation Through Your Sky Miles. $150 is the reissue fee of the flight ticket which you have to pay and the changes will be made at least 72 hours or more before the actual flight departure. The Changes Will Be Free For Diamond and Platinum Medallion members.

Delta Airlines Flight Cancellations And Refunds

Within 24 Hours Of Ticket Booking.
The 24 Hours after making the reservation is considered as Risk-Free cancellation period. That's why delta airlines can cancel your flight tickets without any charges and with the immediate effect. Any prepaid fees or direct reservation charges (if any) paid by you will be refunded in full.

In Simple Words, If You Hold Basic Economy Fare, Non-Refundable Ticket Or Refundable Flight Ticket. There Will Be No Charges For Flight Cancellations Within 24 Hours.

After 24 Hours Of Ticket Booking.
* The Basic Economy Fare is not permitted for cancellation after the 24 Hour Risk-Free Cancellation Period.

* For Refundable tickets. You can raise the Refund Request Straight Away.

* In the case of Non-Refundable Flight Tickets. You may have to pay the cancellation fee ranging from $200 - $500. This amount will get deducted from the value your flight ticket will be held at the time of cancellation. If any amount will be refunded. It will be in the form of e-credit only. Which will stay in your delta airlines account which you created at the time of booking. You can easily save the cancellation fees by raising the Refund Request here.

Note:- For domestic flight tickets $200 will be the cancellation fees you may have to pay
           For international flights, it can range from $200 - $500.
Within 24 Hours Of Flight Departure.
The terms will remain the same as they were in the case of After 24 Hours Of Ticket Booking.

Delta Flight Ticket Changes And Cancellations Through Third Parties.
If you made the delta flight reservation through a third-party app, company or website like, or Then any changes related to flight ticket(s) should have to be done through the company which made the reservation.

You need not call delta airlines directly for cancellations or changes. If the reservation had been made through any 3rd party. Because you have to go through the same company in case of any issues. However, if you want to make any kind of changes by yourself. You may please follow the steps below.
    1.    Find Your Trip or Log In, and go to My Trips    
    2.    Select the flight you need to change
    3.    Click on 'Modify Flight'
    4.    Click on 'Start Flight Change'
    5.    Choose new flight(s)
    6.    Complete check out and pay any reissue fee and the price difference
    7.    Get your confirmation.
You have to check the ticket handling fee and pay the same to the company.
There are certain charges for changes and cancellations. We already mentioned all the required charges above. Please go through the same. before paying anything to a third party company.


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